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An Education Trust for Arizona

The Dougherty Foundation is a private foundation that awards college scholarships to Arizona students. In 1954 the foundation was born out of our founders’ desire to support continuing education and a brighter future for all of Arizona.


Today, we carry on with their mission by working with community donors and partner colleges that share our vision to provide much needed financial aid to help students reach their full potential.

Helping Arizonan Students Reach Their Full Potential

Community Match Program

Are you interested in creating a scholarship?

In 2024, $45,000 in match funds are available to enhance existing and create new scholarships. Individual donors, businesses, and non-profits can request match support awards supporting Arizona post-secondary students. Contact us to learn more about the requirements and if match funds are still available.

Online Conference


Scholarship Administration Support

Do you need an easy way to collect applications for your scholarship? Community Partners may use our online, fully customizable application software for free. You can create or use you own custom award criteria, scoring rubric and selection committee. 

  • Award funds must not be directed from a Donor Advised Fund or existing college/university fund.

  • Funds must be deposited at the Dougherty Foundation, and awarded in the same calendar year. We do not create advised funds or carry over.

  • Endowment gifts to the Dougherty Foundation are accepted with some advisory privilege's.


Dougherty Scholarship Criteria

  • Financial Need

  • Graduated from an AZ high school or AZ resident for 3 years. 

  • Attending a Partner College/University in Arizona


Community College Scholarships

Community college awards range are $500 per semester based on 6 or more hours enrolled.

University Scholarships

At the four-year level, students are eligible for a $2,000 scholarship. 

Graduate School Scholarships

Scholarships for graduate school are only available to renewing Dougherty students who have graduated with a Bachelor's degree. You must have been selected as an undergraduate to be eligible. 

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